J.S. Coaching with Petra was very interesting and constructive. Thank you for a great journey together towards self-discovery and awareness of my life responsibilities and values.

Petra gave me the opportunity to pause at such fast times. To see with a clear view whether my usual decisions are the right ones for me and bring me joy and satisfaction in life.

Thank you

Executive director
Michael Hartman I started working with Petra after meeting her at her MasterMind Networking group in Příbram, which she organizes and moderates. It is a meeting of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people in our area.

I was very impressed by her appearance, empathy, trust and sincerity.

I am building a career in finances and I have great ambitions that take a huge amount of time. In addition to my work, I work on other projects that support my business and at the same time I develop people around me. I am very busy, so in my work with Petra I was primarily focused on balancing my personal and professional life, improve my communication skills and interpersonal relationships, which I care very much about.

Whether in my personal life or at work, it is important for me to experience peace and calmness that good communication brings. I always say where the communication ends, problem begins! At the beginning of my work with Petra, we established mutual agreements on how our coaching conversations will be and what is expected from each other. Such agreements are an amazing tool that I now use in my work and elsewhere! 

Petra takes her work seriously and professionally, she is an amazing woman. I am very happy to recommend her services!
Zuzana Taťáková I attended a weekend retreat with Petra. I was instantly impressed by her approach to coaching. She is incredibly talented and natural coach. Petra helped me understand the importance of expectations and agreements in relationships and showed me how I can use them in my life. She is highly experienced in the subject of personal growth, transformation, and communication. I am looking forward to our future cooperation and I would highly recommend her as a Personal & Professional Development Coach or as someone to follow for uplifting and inspiring content. Barbora Hynková The retreat in Spain with focus on personal development exceeded my already positive expectations. During this relaxing stay, we discussed our life experiences and our turning points that have influenced us.

With Katka (therapist) and Petra I felt as if we had known each other for years. Our conversations were natural and the program was variable according to our mood. Our discussions brought me a view from the outside, I felt supported and understood. We discussed my current topic, my career/business development, several times and I took a few ideas which I can develop. I have a great feeling from this stay and I will love to see the girls again. When there is an opportunity, I will take part in similar events again.
Aneta Kudlíková I came to the spanish retreat at a difficult phase of my life. Katka (therapist) and Petra provided me with support, understanding and insight into my situation. At any time during the stay I could share my feelings, which were reflected back to me and I was asked important questions I needed to answer to myself.

This stay, with wonderful women, was very rewarding for me, it helped me to stand more firmly on my own feet, manage my situation better and dedicate energy and love in the right direction. I know what to focus on and what to settle within myself.

The retreat was held in a beautiful sunny environment with lots of delicious food and drinks, it gave me the much needed energy. I'm very glad I met these women and look forward to seeing them again. Thank you for everything.

Aneta Kudlíková
Beautiful young lady, social worker, Czech Republic
Petra Holazová Being prepared...

Petra Holazová
Mum and entrepreneur, Czech Republic
Zuzana Lavičková A few months ago, thanks to Petra, a fantastic idea occured - to start a zero waste food shop in Příbram (central Czech Republic). Petra sparked enthusiasm within me to go for it. 
Thanks to her regular business mastermind meetings I met my current business partner and within two months we opened the shop.

The cooperation with my partner is very intensive as we share premises. We consulted with Petra to talk about our expectations and to make mutual agreements. 
Petra created a harmonious and safe environment where I had the courage to share my opinion and needs. I was not afraid of any potential conflict. This was her most important role and I am certain that she managed it very well.

We talked about five aspects of our relationship which were important to clarify. We were aware of them but without this guided conversation we would have not dealt with them effectively and it could have complicated our cooperation. At the end of the conversation we had specific agreems to adhere to.

I am certain that I will consult Petra again in the future. Her guidance as an independent listener, coach and mentor is valuable. Petra is a kindhearted entrepreneur and I honour her and recommend her to others.

Zuzana Lavičková
Mum and businesswomen
Julie and Patrik Dvořák I rate Petra's programme, Agreements versus expectations in relationships, as very positive. I value her determination and patience with us.

I enjoyed the time spent with my husband and rediscovered what I love about him, what we experienced together and I enjoyed hearing from his lips what he appreciates about me. I like how Petra leads us towards awareness and honesty, finding and expressing what I want, what my husband wants and finding a common language - mutual agreements.

We covered a number topics and implemented three specific mutual agreements to start of with. We have those agreements in writing and visible, in order to respect them. We have more agreements to be implemented in the future, based on this honest convesation. 

I cordially recommend this programme to all couples who want to work on their relationships. It will show elsewhere, for example in relationship with your children.

Julie and Patric Dvořák
Husband and wife, entrepreneurs, CZ
Klára Buriánová When spending time with Petra, you feel an utter peace. You can be yourself because Petra gives you space to relax, she believes in you. You don't have to do anything - to her you are amazing as you are. Pure and true. 

This is her work, she teaches you to accept yourself and push your limits and possibilities, with patience. I recommend working with Petra.

Klára Buriánová
Mum and finacial advisor, CZ
Simona Mrázek Thank you Petra for the powerful positive energy I felt and your objective perspective of my project. You opened up my mind and awareness of the diversity of my dreams and goals. I found courage and clarity for my professional life future.

Simona Mrázek
Mum and charity founder, Spain
Petra Holazová Hiking and coaching programme was exactly as it sounds.
By 11am I already did my daily target of 10.000 steps. Our conversation was very interesting and constructive. We talked about my vision, my current approach and goals. Before our meeting it all seemed very unclear. 

Petra created a very friendly atmosphere, she is honest and I trust her.  She doesn't judge my sitations and I can say things as they are. She watches the boundaries and doesn't let me stray from the topic, I appreciate that.

I like how she connects the flowing thoughts with emotions and motivates me to check what resonates with me. And asks me why. 

I searched for my own insights, I needed time for myself and I found that with Petra.

It was not easy to sort out my own thoughts and I appreciated the email summary afterwards. I left with some concrete outcomes, personal and professional. Thank you.

Petra Holazová
Mum and entrepreneu, CZ
Mark Jennings Petra was happy to Skype me on the other side of the world, and in some ways that was a bit of the way the coaching went. She helped me understand my current situation and guided me to my new world of a new attitude to life and dealing with the stresses I was putting on myself. Not only do I feel better now about life but I have strategies that she helped me put in place to make my own world a better one. Thanks Petra!

Mark Jennings
Business owner, Australia
Sharon Kelly Petra was extremely patient as I run two careers and was struggling with work life balance, plus an injury recovery so it was a challenging time for me. 
Petra helped me to focus and reassess priorities in the first session, to work out goals initially and where the sessions should go thereafter. 
What I achieved in the following months in the two priorities.

I am actually dating and it's going really well!
I see my close friends more often, based around new activities.

I have made my current job more interesting. I am now involved in projects at work and I am training for a career development. 
I am applying for jobs internally with prep for external application.

I am making a good recovery for wellbeing and I have a much better outlook on everything as a result. 

It's changed everything and I'm so much more relaxed and positive in my outlook on life and my whole future. I still need to be mindful and apply myself to renewed goals etc. ... however I cannot thank Petra enough. It really has been life changing. 

I would recommend coaching to others and also consider further coaching sessions. 
Sharon Kelly 
Jazz singer & PA at NHS, UK
Maja Grugel Sessions with Petra can be life changing. She's genuinely interested in what you have to say and brings the exercises and tasks tailored to you, instead of pushing some one-method fits all kind of thing. I would strongly recommend working with Petra if you want to move forward in life.
Thank you Petra!

Maja Grugel
Marketing consultant, Poland
Vianca Salanga I highly recommend coaching with Petra. Working with her has made me feel acknowledged, seen, and heard, even as I choose to be at my most vulnerable. The space she holds has a quality of safety and stillness that is invaluable, as you purposefully navigate the unruly territory of finding out what matters most to you, what you want, and what parts of you stand in your way of getting it. She is able to see you through the storm, with a constant focus on the powerful being that you are, so that you don't get lost in it. She helped me gain clarity on not only what I wanted, but what to do about it in a way that creates easy, gradual and permanent change. Thanks Petra!

Vianca Salanga
Awesome Coach, USA
Simona Bajenaru I have seen Petra in the beginning of her career as coach and also more recently, fast forward four years. I can honestly say that it has been a privilege to experience her growth and use it to sort out my very own one!

The "a-ha!" moments never cease to come in with Petra, both during the sessions AND flowing in between them too! I am truly grateful for the time she has given me and even more so for the insights into what first class coaching is. THANK YOU, Petra!

Simona Bajenaru
Friend & colleague
Mum, aspiring therapist and motivational speaker, UK
Caterina Jager Petra was recommended to me by a friend who had been coached by her and thought we would be the perfect match.
Before Petra was my coach theoretically I knew all about personal development, but had not really applied it wholeheartedly in my own life. Although my intentions are good, I can easily lose focus and get caught up in issues that do not align me with my ultimate goals.  Petra listened caringly to those issues, but then ever so gently brought me back to what I really wanted and helped me to see more clearly when I was straying from the path of my life's desires. We covered all goals that involved my personal relationships, business, personal development - you name it and I felt like no stone was left unturned.
After having Petra as my coach, I was able to set goals and achieve a lot of those goals in the four months we worked together. I felt stronger within myself, had regained some of my power that was lost due to external circumstances. With Petra, I grew to believe that my opinion of myself is more important than others opinions of me.
Petra is the most tender-hearted coach I know and at the same time gets results. Petra always went that extra mile for me and often thought about me during her own personal time and sent inspiring articles, books and other tools that she felt would aid me on my journey of discovery. I loved working with her and she had a great role in my transformation on every level. 

Caterina Jager
Mum & entrepreneur, UK

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