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Petra was extremely patient as I run two careers and was struggling with work life balance, plus an injury recovery so it was a challenging time for me. 
Petra helped me to focus and reassess priorities in the first session, to work out goals initially and where the sessions should go thereafter. 
What I achieved in the following months in the two priorities.

I am actually dating and it's going really well!
I see my close friends more often, based around new activities.

I have made my current job more interesting. I am now involved in projects at work and I am training for a career development. 
I am applying for jobs internally with prep for external application.

I am making a good recovery for wellbeing and I have a much better outlook on everything as a result. 

It's changed everything and I'm so much more relaxed and positive in my outlook on life and my whole future. I still need to be mindful and apply myself to renewed goals etc. ... however I cannot thank Petra enough. It really has been life changing. 

I would recommend coaching to others and also consider further coaching sessions. 
Sharon Kelly 
Jazz singer & PA at NHS, UK
Sharon Kelly
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