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I believe that our purpose is to live a simple, happy life. Enjoy what we have, who we are and what we do.
I help my clients to fully believe in their purpose, gifts and passion and I help them to bring their dreams into reality. My clients live a fulfilling, meaningful life, inspire others and contribute to the wellbeing of this world.
We explore your dreams and create vision for your professional and personal life. We navigate through your everyday adventures with exciting goals alligned to your dreams and values. We get clear about your reasons. We find out your 'why‘ you want these results – the biggest motivator you can have. We find what benefits and impact it will have on your life and people around you. Together we work through your challenges and barriers, we take big bold steps with greater courage and confidence. We bring your dreams into reality faster & easier, with clarity & joy.

Do you need to know more about coaching? 

Coaching is magic. It is a magical time where you rediscover yourself. Where you dream and build that dream. It is a magical space where you grow your ideas, expand your horizon, plant seeds and reap the crops. Coaching is powerful confidential conversations that can change your life. Structured conversations using a number of techniques to identify your wishes, needs and desires - and finding the ways to realise them. Coaching is based on logical and intuitive conversations providing you with bold truthful feedback, calling you out on your bullshit, raising your standards. Coaching is planning and executing. Coaching is understanding you, believing in you and your abilities. It is a tender support and sometimes even tears and hugs.

Coaching differs greately. You have to experience the coach to see if they are the right fit for you.

My clients are from all walks of life. Visionaries who want to inspire, lead others and whose passion is to make a difference in the world. Entrepreneurs who want to feel personally fulfilled by what they do while taking care of their family. Employees wishing to escape the 9-5 slavery and have a meaningful life. Mums at home baking cookies.

About you

Who I love working with
  • You have an exciting, inspirational dream.
  • You want to bring something good to the world.
  • You are committed.
  • You are open to trying new things even if you think they won’t work.
  • You won’t let fear stop you taking action.
  • You are a doer, a go-getter.
  • You are a kind person and mean well for others.
  • Your life is good, you are happy with your successes and achievements so far.
  • You may have failed before but you have learnt from it and see it as part of your growth.
  • You are now ready to invest a lot of time, money and energy in yourself.

I don’t work with those who:
  • Are wishful thinkers but not doers.
  • Are negative and blame others and the world for all that’s happening.
  • Are too opinionated and would not open up to different perspectives.
  • Don’t respect their time and mine.
  • Hope I will give them a magic pill or one simple solution.

The benefits of our regular conversations

You give yourself the time and space you need. Time and space where you can reflect, feel and dream freely, with understanding and encouragement as oppose to judment and ridicule. 

You get to know yourself well; you learn to recognise your strengths and gifts. Your confidence in yourself and your decisions is growing. 

You have time to explore your vision and where you are heading in life. You become clearer about what you are creating and you set exciting goals for yourself. You hold yourself accountable to stay on track. You open up to new posibilities, previously considered impossible. When you get stuck, you do your best to get going again. You might be scared, yet excited about the challenges you set for yourself. There will be scary steps ahead of you but you will take them, knowing that those actions will create the results you want.

We catch your doubts and fears. Blocks, limits and barriers you put in front of yourself. Most of those setbacks arise from your own limiting beliefs about yourself and about the world. Maybe they were true in the past but do not serve your goals anymore in the present. You learn the power of positive language and how it creates your reality. You learn to rewrite your limiting beliefs. You learn to set boundries, feel independent of the good or bad opinion of others, handle rejection graciously. You learn to start and finish the day with gratitude and joy.

Success and results are completely up to you. I will remain unattached to these. Allowing you to maintain that stance will help you create those much faster than if I were to take on those responsibilities myself. 
I promise to see you and hold you as the powerful human being you are.

Read the testimonials below and get in touch to schedule our first powerful conversation.
Zuzana Taťáková I attended a weekend retreat with Petra. I was instantly impressed by her approach to coaching. She is incredibly talented and natural coach. Barbora Hynková Personal development retreat in Spain.
This event exceeded all my already positive expectations. With Katka and Petra I felt as if we had known each other for years....

How can I help?

If you are interested in a powerful
conversation, let’s connect.

There are three things I want to know:
  1. What are your goals right now?
  2. What about these goals scare you?
  3. How do you know you're ready anyway?

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List of events I am currently living in Czech Republic and therefore my F2F events take place here.
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For the future I plan also retreats in Spain for English speaking clients.
01. 01. 2019
Active Retreat in Spain Fully booked!
Costa Blanca, Moraira, 7. - 14.10. 2018
Yoga |Natural food| Personal development |Coaching
Euro 500
07. 10. 2018
My work doesn't fulfill me. I need a change! TRANSFORMATIONAL ONE DAY RETREAT
25.8.2018 | 9-20H | PŘÍBRAM CZECH REPUBLIC
25. 08. 2018
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