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Petra was recommended to me by a friend who had been coached by her and thought we would be the perfect match.
Before Petra was my coach theoretically I knew all about personal development, but had not really applied it wholeheartedly in my own life. Although my intentions are good, I can easily lose focus and get caught up in issues that do not align me with my ultimate goals.  Petra listened caringly to those issues, but then ever so gently brought me back to what I really wanted and helped me to see more clearly when I was straying from the path of my life's desires. We covered all goals that involved my personal relationships, business, personal development - you name it and I felt like no stone was left unturned.
After having Petra as my coach, I was able to set goals and achieve a lot of those goals in the four months we worked together. I felt stronger within myself, had regained some of my power that was lost due to external circumstances. With Petra, I grew to believe that my opinion of myself is more important than others opinions of me.
Petra is the most tender-hearted coach I know and at the same time gets results. Petra always went that extra mile for me and often thought about me during her own personal time and sent inspiring articles, books and other tools that she felt would aid me on my journey of discovery. I loved working with her and she had a great role in my transformation on every level. 

Caterina Jager
Mum & entrepreneur, UK
Caterina Jager
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