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A few months ago, thanks to Petra, a fantastic idea occured - to start a zero waste food shop in Příbram (central Czech Republic). Petra sparked enthusiasm within me to go for it. 
Thanks to her regular business mastermind meetings I met my current business partner and within two months we opened the shop.

The cooperation with my partner is very intensive as we share premises. We consulted with Petra to talk about our expectations and to make mutual agreements. 
Petra created a harmonious and safe environment where I had the courage to share my opinion and needs. I was not afraid of any potential conflict. This was her most important role and I am certain that she managed it very well.

We talked about five aspects of our relationship which were important to clarify. We were aware of them but without this guided conversation we would have not dealt with them effectively and it could have complicated our cooperation. At the end of the conversation we had specific agreems to adhere to.

I am certain that I will consult Petra again in the future. Her guidance as an independent listener, coach and mentor is valuable. Petra is a kindhearted entrepreneur and I honour her and recommend her to others.

Zuzana Lavičková
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Zuzana Lavičková
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