Petra Holazová» Client love

Hiking and coaching programme was exactly as it sounds.
By 11am I already did my daily target of 10.000 steps. Our conversation was very interesting and constructive. We talked about my vision, my current approach and goals. Before our meeting it all seemed very unclear. 

Petra created a very friendly atmosphere, she is honest and I trust her.  She doesn't judge my sitations and I can say things as they are. She watches the boundaries and doesn't let me stray from the topic, I appreciate that.

I like how she connects the flowing thoughts with emotions and motivates me to check what resonates with me. And asks me why. 

I searched for my own insights, I needed time for myself and I found that with Petra.

It was not easy to sort out my own thoughts and I appreciated the email summary afterwards. I left with some concrete outcomes, personal and professional. Thank you.

Petra Holazová
Mum and entrepreneu, CZ
Petra Holazová
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