I believe that too many people live someone else’s dreams. I also believe that when they find their own path, they start truly living. They face their fears and insecurities to become stronger, more confident, courageous, so they can build a life they love and that fulfills them.
I often followed other people’s advice, guidance or opinion and it got me far in life but I did not feel fulfilled.
I am a girl from the smallest village in the Czech Republic you can imagine. At 20 years old I moved to London. I fell in love and got married at 25. I worked for a respectable EU company and made more money than I ever thought possible.
I travelled a fair bit. On the outside my life was great. Until it wasn’t. I created a life that wasn't my dream. It was someone else's dream I lived. I became sad, unhappy and trapped in a marriage that didn't work for me. I struggled with low confidence and feeling unworthy. I became frustrated and bored in my job because it no longer made sense to me. I hated the endless commuting through noisy London. On the inside, I started running on empty, questioning what to do next to find joy and fulfillment.
I felt that there must be a better way of living, one that I longed for, that I desired and deserved. I was determined to find it, to create it. 
I ended my marriage on good terms despite all worries, disapointment and shame I felt. I met my current partner only 6 months later. I considered studying psychology and other options of how I could work with people in the future, that's where my heart was going. I came across coaching and personal development and embarked on a self-discovery journey. I spent most of my free time studying and applying the learnings to myself. I read books and practised coaching others. I worked with a coach on building my confidence, she supported me through my challenges and changes. I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach in 2014. Since then, I’ve put in a lot of work to bring my vision into reality and my life has changed remarkably.
I am now fortunate enough to live a much simpler life with greater joy, inner-peace, love and fulfilment. I am now happier than ever before. I left my golden cage job and we moved from the UK to Czech Republic, close to my family and roots. We are adopting a minimalist lifestyle, a sustainable way of living. We grow our own fruits and vegetables and we strive to live conciously. Evaluating our activities, decisions and options to live in harmony with nature and others.
We don't have children as it feels a lot of responsibility, yet we are open to all options, including adopting one day.
We love our dog and we wish animals were treated better. 
My partner and I both work from home. I enjoy working with people, I enjoy contributing positively to others and to the world. My relationship with myself, my family and others has improved greatly. 
I wake up with gratitude for who I am & what I am creating.
I continue to learn and grow through challenges and goals. I surround myself with inspiring people who enrich my life. I invest time, money and energy to further develop my skills and craft. I work with coaches, mentors and therapists to grow. I believe that I have to do the work on myself so that I can do the work with you. I continue building up courage and confidence to follow my vision and dreams.
I believe and practice these principles which have helped me to get to where I am today:
  • Being kind to myself and learning to love who I am, as I am
  • I am an optimist and a doer
  • I take calculated risks, a step back to be able to take steps forward
  • I am scared but do it anyway
  • I believe that fear shows me the path I should take
  • Failure is a part of success; it shows that I tried and teaches me a valuable lesson.
  • I do the inner work on myself so that I can help others
  • I believe that my thoughts create my reality so I take care of my mind
  • I don’t have to be perfect before I take action
  • I stay calm and strong in challenging situations
  • I give what I want to receive, it works wonders
  • I am open to other perspectives
  • I respect others as very unique individual beings
I can help you to get on your own path.


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