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I rate Petra's programme, Agreements versus expectations in relationships, as very positive. I value her determination and patience with us.

I enjoyed the time spent with my husband and rediscovered what I love about him, what we experienced together and I enjoyed hearing from his lips what he appreciates about me. I like how Petra leads us towards awareness and honesty, finding and expressing what I want, what my husband wants and finding a common language - mutual agreements.

We covered a number topics and implemented three specific mutual agreements to start of with. We have those agreements in writing and visible, in order to respect them. We have more agreements to be implemented in the future, based on this honest convesation. 

I cordially recommend this programme to all couples who want to work on their relationships. It will show elsewhere, for example in relationship with your children.

Julie and Patric Dvořák
Husband and wife, entrepreneurs, CZ
Julie and Patrik Dvořák
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