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I started working with Petra after meeting her at her MasterMind Networking group in Příbram, which she organizes and moderates. It is a meeting of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people in our area.

I was very impressed by her appearance, empathy, trust and sincerity.

I am building a career in finances and I have great ambitions that take a huge amount of time. In addition to my work, I work on other projects that support my business and at the same time I develop people around me. I am very busy, so in my work with Petra I was primarily focused on balancing my personal and professional life, improve my communication skills and interpersonal relationships, which I care very much about.

Whether in my personal life or at work, it is important for me to experience peace and calmness that good communication brings. I always say where the communication ends, problem begins! At the beginning of my work with Petra, we established mutual agreements on how our coaching conversations will be and what is expected from each other. Such agreements are an amazing tool that I now use in my work and elsewhere! 

Petra takes her work seriously and professionally, she is an amazing woman. I am very happy to recommend her services!
Michael Hartman
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