Deep Relationships and Trust - 30 mins Guided Morning Rituals» Events

Guided morning rituals, learnings and inspiration to bring depth and trust into your romantic, personal and professional relationships.

You will :

* become calmer and less reactive in your relationships
* learn to share your feelings and needs without blaming others
* set limits and boundaries for yourself and others
* feel more joy and happiness
* create relationships based on depth, trust and self-worth
* be able to look at crisis from a fresh perspective
* build deeper trust so you can get through tough times
* have important honest conversations instead of avoiding them
* feel deeply understood and supported

These short and beautiful morning meetings will bring a blend of visualisations, guided meditations, reflective writing, creative and fun activities. Followed by extra 15 mins sharing and discussing insights.

Time: 8.30 UK time, 9:30 CET (Prague)
Place: Zoom (link will be sent)
Fee: Now £5 per session when pre-paid, later £9 per session
Days: Wednesdays and Fridays, starting on 7 October 2020


Special: Sign up with a friend and both will receive a bonus (choice of: free coaching session, different e-books and resources)
Deep Relationships and Trust - 30 mins Guided Morning Rituals
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