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# 1 My business vs your business

This is where you are aware of what is your business and what is no longer your business. By business, we mean responsibility.
You are responsible for your own emotions, opinions, reactions, consequences and your partner (others) are responsible for theirs. 
No one has the power over making you feel certain way. Only it seems they do, make you angry, sad, frustrated, happy or unhappy, on top of the world or really down. 
Your responses are based on many aspects, how you interpret others, how you see the world, what your opions and beliefs are. And you can choose those.
Stop (over)thinking about what your partner thinks, why he is angry, why he does this or that. Instead, openly communicate: what are you angry about? I see that you are frustrated, I will be doing something over there and when/if you want to tell me, you can.
What is my business (responsibility):my mistakes, how I feel, my reactions, my opinion and thoughts, my happiness, my decisions, how I secure my own needs, what I do, my comfort.
Not my business (responsibility):his comfort, her attitude, his happiness, his emotions, her deeds, her reactions, her decisions, how he interprets what I am saying, her opinion of me, what she expects from me, her mistakes, to fulfill his needs

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10 healthy principles of all relationships
01. 05. 2020
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