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The success principles

These principles have helped me to get to where I am today - happy, fulfilled, having great relationships, feeling secure and abundant, loving what I do (most of the time).
I learnt these from my coaches and mentors, from wonderful books and mainly from practicing!
~ Being kind to myself, learning to love who I am, asI am
~ I am an optimist and a doer
~ I take calculated risks, a step back to be able to take steps forward
~ I am scared but do it anyway
~ I believe that fear shows me the path I should take
~ Failure is a part of success; it shows that I tried and teaches me a valuable lesson
~ I do the inner work on myself so that I can help others
~ I believe that my thoughts create my reality so I take care of my mind
~ I don’t have to be perfect before I take action
~ I stay calm and strong in challenging situations
~ I give what I want to receive, it works wonders
~ I am open to other perspectives
~ I respect others as very unique individual beings

What are your principles?

I can help you to get on your own path. Connect with me to have a powerful conversation about you.

Photo: Me (green top little dot) conquering my fears. Dublin. 2013
The success principles
03. 11. 2018
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