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Why I think text messaging can ruin your relationship.

Last week my partner responded to my text message and my heart dropped. I instantly felt rejected and worried. It turned out that his phone's autocorrection corrected the text to another words....

How often do we misunderstand the text messages? What assumptions do we make? What stories do we create in our heads? If we are not careful, we live in a fantasy world!!! Totally made up by assumptions! By our fears and insecurities!
I have seen with my friends way too often! They read me messages from their love interests with a funny voice on! Shouting, being ironic, laughing at them, even angry! 

In my work with clients, this is the number one teaching. Do not make assumptions! Hold off your emotions, keep them neutral until you know what they (the person) really mean with their words. Ask questions, make sure you understand first well before you make assumptions, opinions, decisions. It can save your relationship, it can save a lot of unnecessary traumas, disappointment and arguments.

Listen up. I am giving you a good advice when I tell you.... Do not handle any important issues or conversations by text messages! Speak face to face or by phone instead.

Having challenging conversations is my teaching number two. It is hard but it is necessary. Texting/emailing is cowardly :) you are staying in your comfort zone. 

Has this resonated with you? Do you still handle important stuff by messaging? Raise your hand and show up vulnerably!
Texting can ruin your relationship
05. 10. 2018
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