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I'm sharing this personal journey, knowing it will inspire or click with some of you. 
At the end of September 2019, it was three years since I left my life in London. What a journey!

I realised that I was following someone else’s dreams. I was living someone else's life and it did not serve me anymore. I lacked fulfilment and satisfaction from my job and life.
I learnt the magic of coaching, gain experience and courage, packed our bags and moved with my partner to Czech republic. To do what fulfills me. Change people’s lives for better.

It was pretty hard at some points during these three years. I felt anxiety and doubt creeping up. Not about the decision (to leave the golden cage) but about myself, my selfworth. These feelings were mainly caused by comparing to others, to fellow coaches and their achievements and what I assumed they had or created. It almost tortured me, I couldn't recognise myself. 
What helped me get through, back to feeling content and joyful is the following. Practicing gratitude! Journaling about my feelings and anything that came to my mind! Guided meditation, just a few minutes first thing in the morning! (I have a short one you will love! Ask for a link.) Talking to my coach, coaching buddies, they supported me big time! At least a little bit of exercise and walks in the nature! Especially on the days when I felt shit.
I had to remind myself all over again - Do NOT compare to others. When you do, you suffer. Only compare yourself to your best self. 
What helps me hugely on my journey as an entrepreneur is this. I was prepared to live a simplier life. To eat beans on toast if I have to. I am prepared to cut down on the luxuries of life if I have to so I can I do what I love and what fulfills me. I adopted a minimalist lifestyle. I no longer need to buy loads of stuff, clothes, handbangs, shoes, gadgets and the crap shops lay out in front of you. I am no longer tempted and shopping no longer makes me happy, quite the contrary. I have and keep only what I need and love, looking out for more responsible producers (it serves the planet too). New dress, new hair, makeup thingies and fake nails do not make me feel more beautiful confident or happy. These come from within. Use the money it saves you wisely. Towards courses, mentoring, coaching, books, to give you time (off work) you need.
My family helped me throughout my life. They did NOT help me to follow my dreams, feel confident or develop my talents. They didn’t support my hobbies. Quite the opposite. They steered me towards what they knew best for themselves. Safe and steady job. Staying in a comfort zone, keep both feet on the ground, not to risk, not to stand out. But they helped me financialy because they trusted me. They were not rich, at all. They worked hard all their life in normal jobs (a nurse and a coach driver). They trusted me. I earned their trust by the life I was living and who I was! They trusted me with their hard earnt/saved money. I invested my and their money into properties which is now my safety blanket and I can give back to my family. I could leave my job. I am not dependent on my partner. I can do what makes me fulfilled.
I ditched bad relationships. My marriage. With my then-husband I could have not created this. Our values and desires were too different. We are happier apart than together. 
I now have a partner I can rely on, who I trust, who loves me truly, who loves spending time with me.
Be with someone who co-creates with you. Gives you space and freedom and supports you at the same time. Someone who encourages you to do what makes you happy. Or go alone if you must, don‘t be with someone who stops you from living your dreams.
Today, I enjoy working with people who also want to do their own thing. We explore their dreams and visions, we explore their fears, we set exciting goals, we plan and strategise, we take courageous steps together and we celebrate the bad and the good days. The learnings and the sucesses.
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Five things that might help you start and keep going in your business
03. 12. 2018
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