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Coaching is magic. It is a magical time where you rediscover yourself. Where you dream and build that dream. It is a magical space where you grow your ideas, expand your horizon, plant seeds and reap the crops. Coaching is powerful confidential conversations that can change your life. Structured conversations using a number of techniques to identify your wishes, needs and desires - and finding the ways to realise them. Coaching is based on logical and intuitive conversations providing you with bold truthful feedback, calling you out on your bullshit, raising your standards. Coaching is planning and executing. Coaching is understanding you, believing in you and your abilities. It is a tender support and sometimes even tears and hugs.

Coaching differs greately. You have to experience the coach to see if they are the right fit for you.

Mentoring is a professional relationship in which the experienced mentor assists the less experienced mentoree to develop specific skills and knowledge to enhance professional and personal growth.
3 similarities with Coaching
-professional confidential relationship with the client based on trust and respect
-asking questions and challenging the client to develop solution for the issues
- helps the client to find the right direction and to take responsibility for it
3 differences
- mentor is experienced in client’s field
- mentor would advise, guide and give personal opinion
- typically, only career or professional development orientated
Consulting involves examining client’s organisation to work out how best to improve it, implement agreed actions and create lasting and profitable change
3 similarities with Coaching
- fostering personal/professional development and progress
- working on improving situation and solving problems
- future and success orientated
3 differences
- consultant is an expert in the field unlike the coach who might not share similar experience but believes that the client has all resources within themselves
- consultant comes up with solutions and advices
- consultant implements and does the agreed actions
Counselling is a relationship between counsellor and client to explore difficulties which may be stressful or emotional for the client
3 similarities with Coaching
- active listening and observation of the client
- helping client to see things more clearly, from a different view-point
- focuses on client’s topic with a goal to facilitate positive change
3 differences
- coach doesn’t deal with clients who are currently experiencing a distressing event and are under high level of stress which is impacting on their everyday life
- counselling doesn’t focus on working out specific steps and action plan to achieve goals
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21. 12. 2018
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