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This retreat in Spain was a fantactic mixture of work (self development and new skills) and pleasure. In this week beautiful relationships formed. We started the day with a yoga practice or meditation, continued with preparing and eating a healthy breakfast together.

We then had a 1-2h Gestalt therapy group work, which was a blend of different body&mind techniques - visualisation, bioenergy, reflections and sharing vulnerably.

We spent the day around the pool or cooking lunch and dinner together and learning about Microbiotic diet - Asian yin-yang philosophy of finding balance in life for health and vitality.

Overall the week was full of sharing, caring and growing as a group. 

Next Spanish retreat will be in May 2019 focused on mental wellbeing and dealing with stress.

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Special thanks to my colleagues:
Kateřina Srbková - Gestalt Therapy
Ema Pokorná - Microbiotic diet, health and vitality
Lucie Nadymáčková - Yogini
Active Retreat in Spain
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